Cosmic Crunch Bites HHC

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Gooey gummy center with crunchy candy coating infused with full spectrum HHC distillate

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Out of this World!

Cosmic Crunch Bites are an out of this world combination of gooey gummies and crunchy bits infused with full spectrum HHC distillate. Our strict quality control and 3rd-party lab testing assures that you get a consistent, effective product every time with Cosmic Crunch Bites.

First time trying HHC edibles? Edibles hit differently than vaping or smoking and the high lasts considerably longer for most people. HHC can take a little longer to take full effect, so a half-dose is recommended for inexperienced users. Cosmic Crunch Bites are easily divided into smaller doses for those looking for a different experience.

  • 25mg of HHC per serving
  • HHC Distillate infused gummy center
  • Under .3% Delta 9 THC in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill

Must be of legal age in your state to purchase

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6ct (150mg), 20ct (500mg), 40ct (1000mg), 50ct (1250mg)

1 review for Cosmic Crunch Bites HHC

  1. Thayne

    HHC should stand for HARD HITTIN CRUNCH. I was floored and stuck on munchies mode for 3 hours. Think I ate everything in my fridge, then got zoned into a Harry Potter bender. PS5 + Cosmic Crunch = I’m not getting sh#T done for the day.

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