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About Us

Amazing Products with a Twist
Pioneers in the counter-culture market

Established in January 2014 in Pompano Beach, FL with a fundamental mission to provide the industry’s top-selling products to the market at a fair price.

A clear goal to offer the very best from the beginning

Twisted initially broke into the market with some of the purest butanes available, then pivoted to being one of the first companies to market silicone water pipes.

After their initial success with developing a solid customer base and a fantastic reputation within the industry, the brand was further expanded to include CBD and Hemp flower products.

Taking on a position as pioneers in the counter-culture market, Twisted Brands had a clear goal to offer their customers the very best from the beginning.

Your one-stop shop for hemp-derived cannabinoids!

As the company extended its offerings of hemp flower products to stay ahead of the curve with Delta-8, THC-O, & HHC infusions, the brand worked closely with scientists and expert formulators to replicate cannabis strains using botanical terpenes along with quality hemp extracts to further enhance their hemp flower.

Now, the brand offers a complete line of Delta-8 products and the most cutting-edge hemp-based cannabinoid products in the market. Twisted brands has always maintained a direct focus on adapting to the needs of the industry, but also aims to be known for their well-thought-out formulas, quality products, and affordable pricing.

“Twisted Brands was created to offer the counter-culture market a variety of quality products at an honest price.”

Hemp Flowers

NUGGZ offers their Premium Delta 8, THC-O, & HCC infused Hemp Flowers in 2 sizes: 7 grams, and 3.5 grams, in a variety of different strains, such as Purple Urkel, Runtz, Green Crack, and more. These premium flowers are infused with strain specific terpenes that provide users with the ‘Entourage Effect’ and an exceptional flavor experience.

Up the ante with Top Shelf Hemp Flower that’s covered with CBG kief, on top of the Delta 8, THC-O, or HHC distillate and strain specific terpenes.


Unlike many of the edible products in the market today, Twisted Brands edibles are handcrafted and infused with the cleanest, lab-tested hemp extracts available. None of our edible formulations are ever sprayed, always infused. Full panel C of A’s are available for all our products on our Lab Tests page. 

Our Delta-9 Gummies are the best tasting, all natural vegan gummies available. They contain 100% hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and are fully compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Cosmic Crunch Bites start with Delta 8, THC-O, & HHC infused in a gooey gummy center which is then coated with colorful crunchy bites. They are available in several different potencies and package sizes. 

Dank Crispy Treats Cereal Bar is everything you love about the classic gooey, cereal treat with kick!  We infuse Rice Krispies® and Fruity Pebbles® with  100mg of D8, THC-O, or HHC and are available in Original Marshmallow (D8 only) and Rainbow Crunch. 

Delta 9 120mg Fruit Fusion 10 Pack


Our male and female enhancement products have been formulated to, well, enhance your experience. We’ll let the products speak for themselves! 😉

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