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Amazing Products with a Twist
Pioneers in the counter-culture market
Established in January 2019 in Pompano Beach, FL with a fundamental mission to provide the industry’s top-selling products to the market at a fair price.

A clear goal to offer the very best from the beginning

Twisted initially broke into the market with some of the purest butanes available, then pivoted to being one of the first companies to market silicone water pipes.

After their initial success with developing a solid customer base and a fantastic reputation within the industry, the brand was further expanded to include CBD and Hemp flower products.

Taking on a position as pioneers in the counter-culture market, Twisted Brands had a clear goal to offer their customers the very best from the beginning.

A complete line of DELTA 8 and THCO distillate products

As the company extended its offerings of hemp flower products to stay ahead of the curve with Delta-8 and THCO distillate infusions, the brand worked closely with scientists and expert formulators to replicate cannabis strains using fruit and plant terpenes along with quality distillates to further enhance their hemp flower.

Now, the brand offers a complete line of Delta-8 products that include vape carts, tinctures, gummies, cereal bars, candies, and hookah shisha. Twisted brands has always maintained a direct focus on adapting to the needs of the industry, but also aims to be known for their well thought-out formulas, quality products, and affordable pricing.
“Twisted Brands was created to offer the counter-culture market a variety of quality products at an honest price.”

Hemp Flowers

NUGGZ offers their Premium CBD, Delta 8 and HCC infused Hemp Flowers in 2 sizes: 7 grams, and 3.5 grams, and a variety of different flavors, such as Purple Urkle, Runtz, Gelato, Green Crack, and more.

These premium flowers are infused with strain specific terpenes that provide users with the ‘Entourage Effect’ and an exceptional flavor experience.

Up the ante with Top Shelf Hemp Flower that’s infused with CBG kief, on top of the Delta 8 or THCO distillate and strain specific terpenes.

We also also offer Delta 8 infused Pre rolls stuffed into a king size hemp cone for on-the-go enjoyment.


For the vape enthusiasts, we feature Twisted Tanks; the highest quality hemp-derived and Lab tested Delta 8 distillate with organic derived terpenes and natural flavors with 800+ mg Delta 8 and 25mg Multi Spectrum Distillate that’s made available in 3 flavors: Runtz, Purple Urkle, and Green Crack.

We also offer the PUFF-N-GO Disposable Vape Pens that is a disposable/rechargeable device filled with 800mg of Delta 8 Oil and 100% natural and organic terpenes, available in 7 different flavors!


Our line of Edible D8 distillate infused products feature top-selling treats.

>The Sour Dummies come in 500 mg and 1000 mg and boast no artificial colors or flavors, all natural and organic ingredients, and are completely vegan.

The Dank Crispy Treats Cereal Bar contains 100mg of D8, available in Original Marshmallow and Rainbow Crunch.

Cosmic Crunch Bites candies are made with Delta 8 distillate infused in a gooey gummy center coated with colorful crunchy candy bites, and made available in 3 sizes: 150 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg.


MAX EJAX is our just released new male sexual enhancement pills, with an exciting new female honey coming out next.

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Twisted Brands, LLC

"We provide top-selling quality products to the counter-culture market at an honest price."
4766 N Powerline Road
Pompano Beach, 33073 FL
Phone: (954) 330-0316

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