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Partner with Twisted Brands for some of the highest payouts in one of the fastest growing industries today!

Amazing Products with a Twist!

Twisted Brands has been a leader in the legal cannabinoid space since 2014 and continue to bring exciting, cutting-edge products today.

30% Starting Commission

One of the highest payouts around! Earn 30% on all first-time purchases and 10% on all subsequent purchases by customers who use your affiliate link!

30-Day Cookies

Cookies are stored for up to 30 days, so if one of your affiliates makes a purchase within 30 days of that initial visit, you’ll earn the commission from that sale.

Affiliate Portal

For each affiliate to manage referrals, marketing assets, and payments.

Quality Products
a Brand Auhority

Twisted Brands has always maintained a direct focus on adapting to the needs of the industry, but also aims to be known for their well-thought-out formulas, quality products, and affordable pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the commission rate?
Commission rates are currently 30% for first-time sales and a 10% residual commission for all subsequent purchases from customers you bring to Twisted Brands. That’s right; our affiliates are paid on every purchase made by your referrals.
How Do I Receive Payment?
Payments will be handled through our affiliate program.
Who handles your affiliate program?
We run our affiliate program directly from Twisted Brands, LLC
How Long Do Cookies Last?
30 days. What does this mean? You’ll receive commission for your referrals up to 30 days after they click your affiliate link so long as they are a new customer.
What Are You Looking for in Affiliates?
  • Highly reputable, trusted sites
  • Industry relevance
  • Product knowledge
  • High traffic sites

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