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Nextgen Immune Defense

Simple, science-based immune support

March 30, 2023
Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs or other plant materials, which are typically mixed with alcohol or glycerin to extract and preserve the active compounds. In the case of cannabinoids, which are fat-soluble, MCT oil is the preferred carrier and provides ease of use and brings with it nutritional benefits itself. The fat content of MCT oil helps the body absorb the maximum amount of active ingredient possible.
Nextgen Immune Defense tincture combines 4 university-studied cannabinoids in one convenient formula. The combination of CBD, CBDA, CBG, & CBGA were shown to be effective in combating viruses in lab studies. What better way to deliver this combination to our systems than a tincture! There are several benefits of tinctures over other dosage forms, including:

There are several benefits of tinctures over other dosage forms, including:

Rapid absorption

Tinctures are quickly absorbed by the body, as they are typically held under the tongue for several minutes to release their active compounds more effectively into the bloodstream. This can make tinctures a more effective and efficient way to deliver the medicinal benefits of herbs.

Accurate dosing

Tinctures are available in pre-measured droppers, which make it easy to measure out precise doses. This can be particularly important for people who require specific dosages to manage their symptoms or conditions. Dosage of the desired compound can be tailored to the individuals needs with ease and doesn’t require the splitting of pills or a scale to measure the required serving.

Longer shelf life

Tinctures have a longer shelf life than other herbal preparations, such as teas or infusions. This is because alcohol or glycerin acts as a natural preservative, helping to prevent spoilage and maintain the potency of the tincture over time. Most tinctures are sold in amber glass bottles which also helps to extend the shelf life of the tincture.

Convenient to use

Tinctures are easy to use and can be added to water or other liquids for easy consumption. They can also be added to creams or lotions for topical use. MCT-based cannabinoid tinctures are also easily added to the food of your choosing. Want to give that morning smoothie an extra boost? Simply add the desired amount of tincture to instantly increase the nutritional value.


Tinctures can be made from a wide range of plant materials and can be customized to suit individual needs or preferences. Tinctures are often far more concentrated than other dosage forms, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for therapeutic levels of herbs or other natural substances. This makes them a versatile option for managing a variety of health concerns.