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NEXTGEN Pain Cream

Targeted Pain Relief

March 31, 2023
Twisted Brands is well known for cutting-edge Delta-8, HHC, & THC-O products like Cosmic Crunch Bites and Nuggz Hemp Flower but did you know that they also have a line of therapeutic formulations sold under the Nextgen brand?
Nextgen brings a focus to the healing powers of cannabinoids that are not psychoactive yet are very effective for things like pain relief and immune support. One of the very first products developed was a pain cream and it quickly became a staple in many customer’s toolbox of natural remedies. Topical delivery has many advantages over traditional oral consumption.

Topical pain creams are products that are applied to the skin to alleviate pain in a specific area of the body. They work by delivering active ingredients, such as menthol, capsaicin, lidocaine, or NSAIDs, directly to the affected area, rather than relying on systemic absorption through oral medication.

There are many benefits of topical pain creams that make them a good choice for relief from acute and chronic conditions alike. Some of the benefits can include:

Targeted pain relief

Topical pain creams can provide targeted pain relief to a specific area of the body. This can be especially helpful for people who have localized pain, such as in a joint or muscle. Pushed yourself a bit too hard on that last set at the gym? Hit that pose a bit too aggressively in yoga last night? Directing relief right to the source of the pain is often a very effective strategy in managing these types of injuries.

Reduced side effects

Because topical pain creams are applied directly to the affected area, they can help reduce the risk of unwanted side effects, such as stomach upset or drowsiness, which can occur with oral pain medications. Medications like NSAID’s are effective yet come with a slew of warning and potential side effects and take time to be digested and become effective in the body.


Topical pain creams are a non-invasive option for pain relief, which can be particularly beneficial for people who are unable to take oral medication due to other health conditions. It’s estimated that anywhere from 10% – 40% of the world’s population are unable to swallow pills. Topical pain cream offers a viable alternative to those who can’t or would rather not take a pill for every little ache or pain that pops up.

Easy to use

Topical pain creams are easy to apply and can be used as needed throughout the day to manage pain symptoms. Whether it’s in a pump, stick, or roll-on, topical pain creams offer a simple, convenient, and fast-acting way to reduce pain and improve comfort.


Topical pain creams can be a safe and effective option for managing pain, but it’s important to talk to your doctor before using them to ensure they are appropriate for your specific condition and to avoid any potential interactions with other medications.